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As one of our patients, you will experience our rich heritage as well as exceptional orthopaedic and sports medicine care that is personalized to you and your needs. All of our doctors and surgeons are board-certified and fellowship-trained within their area of expertise in addition to fully trained general orthopaedists. No matter what orthopaedic and sports medicine care you need, we have the expertise and the experience to get you back to an active, healthy life.

To learn more about the specialized orthopaedic and sports medicine care we offer, please use the section below. 

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Back, Neck, and Spine

At Carrell Clinic, all of our world-renowned leaders are fellowship-trained experts within their areas of specialty, including the back, neck, and spine. Dr. Andrew Dossett, Dr. Andrew ClavennaDr. William Hotchkiss, and Dr. William Robinson have this advanced training as well as certifications, attesting to their skill and their profound dedication toward the treatment and surgical care of our back, neck, and spine patients. Additionally, our commitment to providing exceptional, highly specialized back, neck, and spine care is displayed and extended through our dedicated Carrell Clinic Spine Center.

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Our elbow doctors at Carrell Clinic are world-renowned leaders who are dedicated to providing patients with the specialized elbow care they need to get back to an active, healthy life. Having completed additional, advanced education and training to treat common and complex elbow injuries and conditions, Drs. Wayne Burkhead, Daniel Worrel, Todd Moen, Michael Khair, Jason Klein, and Holt Cutler uphold our standard of care excellence with the latest advancements in technology, surgeries, and techniques for elbow treatments.

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Foot and Ankle

Our foot experts and ankle specialists, Dr. Eugene Curry and Dr. Carr Vineyard, have advanced training within the orthopaedic specialty of the foot and ankle. As world-renowned, board-certified, and fellowship-trained leaders, our foot specialists and ankle doctors are highly skilled and committed to providing only the best treatment and care for our foot and ankle patients.

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Our orthopaedic doctors specializing in the hip, Dr. Paul Peters, Dr. Kurt Kitziger, Dr. Mark Muller, Dr. Michael Khair, Dr. Brian Gladnick, Dr. Bradford Waddell, and Dr. Tyler Youngman, have experience and training in a wide array of hip conditions and injuries to ensure your diagnosis is quickly made and met with the best treatment available for your needs. Whether your hip pain is related to a sports injury or a degenerative joint, our hip specialists at Carrell Clinic have the advanced education, training, and certification to perform the latest, proven treatments to get you back to a healthy, active lifestyle quickly.

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Hip and Knee Replacement

Choosing to undergo hip or knee replacement surgery is a big decision, but choosing the right joint replacement surgeon is even bigger. At Carrell Clinic, our hip and knee replacement surgeons pride themselves on our long-standing history and commitment to patient-centered care. When the time is now for your hip or knee replacement, you can be sure the joint replacement team at Carrell Clinic has only you and your best interests in mind.

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Having dedicated their practices to offering patient-centered care, our knee doctors and surgeons understand that when you're experiencing knee pain, it's impacting your life daily. All of our orthopaedic doctors who specialize in the knee are committed to making your recovery their priority, and that starts by getting you a quick diagnosis and treatment.

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Orthopaedic Trauma

When the unexpected in life happens, our orthopaedic trauma specialists are here. Highly specialized in several areas of orthopaedics, our doctors with expertise in orthopaedic trauma may be the first to respond to your injury or condition, and they have the advanced education, training, and skill to treat a vast majority of the unexpected. 

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Pediatric Orthopaedics

When it comes to your child, you want nothing but the best—and at Carrell Clinic, we echo your desire. Dr. James Sackett is our renowned pediatric orthopaedic leader with board-certification and fellowship-training in orthopaedics for children, offering you in-depth knowledge and experience in handling a child's unique and growing musculoskeletal system. 

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As one of the body's more unique joints, the shoulder and any related ailments can present a wide range of challenging and complex injuries and conditions requiring great knowledge and skill to treat. At Carrell Clinic, our shoulder specialists have additional training and education in diagnosing and treating many injuries and conditions affecting any part of the shoulder and have vast experience in determining the best course of treatment for each patient. 

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Sports Medicine

World-renowned and recognized as regional leaders for our sports medicine care, our tradition of providing patient-centered care to athletes and weekend warriors alike runs deep at Carrell Clinic, and it has proven to set us apart. Our sports medicine doctors understand competitors best because they, too, are competitors at heart, standing up to the challenge of returning their patients to play or activity quickly and safely.

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