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A New Check-In Process Has Started

At Carrell Clinic, we are excited to be offering a new online registration process for patients, which can be done before an appointment on your own mobile device or tablet!

Our practice is partnering with Phreesia to help you save time and increase privacy at check-in. Use mobile check-in to securely register and pay your copay from any smartphone, tablet, or computer from the privacy of your home.

Checking in on your device saves you time and ensures your information is always up to date. Just make sure we have your current cell phone number and/or email address and you can use mobile check-in to make your next visit simpler and faster!

If you have not received a link on your cell phone and/or email address, simply call (214) 720-9345 or use the webform below and one of our receptionists will send you a new link.

How It Works

We’ve invested in technology to better serve our patients. Watch for a text message or email a few days before your appointment from Phreesia, our new check-in platform. Simply click the link provided, no username or password required, and you’ll be walked through the process.

Our online system allows you to register for your appointment and pay any copay ahead of time and from the comfort of your own home, which reduces your wait time at our office and allows you to securely register when it’s most convenient for you. Then just let the receptionist know you have arrived when you get to the office for your appointment, and you’re set!

Need help? No worries. Our reception desks will still be fully staffed with employees who are happy to help you with our new process.


Q: What is Phreesia?

A: Phreesia gives healthcare organizations a suite of applications to manage the patient intake process, including mobile registration and payment of copays. Mobile check-in allows you to complete pre-visit registration from your own device (any smartphone, computer, or tablet) ahead of time and in the privacy of your home.

Q: Why is Carrell Clinic partnering with Phreesia?

A: Our practice is partnering with Phreesia to save you time when arriving at our practice and to ensure that your information will always be up to date. The information you enter is private and secure and will allow our team to better care for you.

Q: Is the Phreesia system secure?

A: Yes. Phreesia provides industry-leading privacy and security for our patients’ data. They are held to the same standards as we are when it comes to protecting your family’s information. For additional information about Phreesia’s security, visit:

Q: Do we need to use the new system for every appointment?

A: Yes. But once you have completed the initial registration, the next time will be much quicker because Phreesia saves your answers.

Q: Do I need to download an app to do mobile check-in?

A: No. There is no app—you simply click the link provided in the text message or email, no username or password required. This allows you to securely answer any registration and medical questions necessary for your appointment.

Q: Can I complete the forms in a language other than English?

A: Yes! Mobile registration is available in 20 different languages, and the PhreesiaPads in the office offer Spanish in addition to English.

Q: What happens if I can’t finish my registration before the appointment?

A: That’s okay! If you have not completed your registration before the visit, see one of our receptionists, and they will be happy to send you a new link, which you can complete in the waiting room. Don’t worry, Phreesia saves the information you entered previously.

Q: Do I still need to check in when I arrive?

A: Yes! When you arrive for your appointment, simply let the receptionist know you are there and have a seat. You’re all set!

Mobile Check-In Request 

Please complete the fields below, and a representative from our office will send you a link to use for mobile check-in.