Opt Ortho

At Carrell Clinic, we are focused on offering exceptional care throughout every step of your orthopaedic journey, including being a resource you can trust for recommending orthopaedic-related products, supplies, and devices.

As one of the six founding divisions of OrthoLoneStar, we are proud to offer our patients a comprehensive range of high-quality orthopaedic products that are backed by OrthoLoneStar physicians through the Opt Ortho website.

How Opt Ortho Works

Patients can purchase orthopaedic-related products, supplies, and devices without worry, knowing that every product on the site has been recommended by a member of one of our divisional medical teams. Products listed on the site link directly to where you can purchase them from a trusted online retailer.

Patients can find products quickly and easily as they are categorized by:

  • Body part
  • Recovery
  • Preferred brands
  • Specific sports and activities
  • Health and wellness

More Than Just a Store

Opt Ortho is also a valuable educational resource for patients. It is designed to provide insights, articles, and guides on different topics about durable medical equipment, orthopaedic devices, and healthy active living. Opt Ortho aims to empower patients with knowledge regarding their orthopaedic needs and allow them to make informed decisions about their health.

To learn more about Opt Ortho and to visit the page, click the button below.

Opt Ortho