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The Facts About Minimally Invasive Surgery

The Facts About Minimally Invasive Surgery

Since its first emergence in the 1980s, minimally invasive surgery has been gaining ground in the surgical arena over traditional open surgery. Here are some interesting facts about minimally invasive surgery:

Smaller incisions: Instead of a single large surgical incision as made in open surgery, minimally invasive surgery involves the use of 2 or 3 smaller incisions through which specialized instruments may be inserted to perform surgery.

Highly advanced instruments: The use of robotics, miniaturized cameras, and specialized instruments allow the surgeon greater precision, flexibility, and visualization when performing minimally invasive surgery.

Reduced surgical time: Less soft tissue work such as cutting or manipulation is required with minimally invasive surgery, so surgical time and time spent under anesthesia may also be less.

Less complication rates: According to a research database, the rate of complications from minimally invasive is considerably lower than open surgery.

Less bleeding: Less cutting of skin and tissue results in less bleeding or damage to surrounding healthy tissue.

Reduced postoperative pain: Patients generally report minimal postoperative pain as minimally invasive surgery is a less traumatic procedure. This also means that patients will require less pain medication during the postsurgical period.

Faster recovery: Fear of a long postsurgical recovery period is one of the most common reasons people are hesitant to undergo surgery. With minimally invasive surgery, patient’s recover much faster and can return to work or their routine activities with minimal downtime.

Better cosmetic outcome: With small incisions, patient’s can expect to have much smaller scars resulting in a better cosmetic result. Internal scarring and adhesions are also less.

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