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Does Poor Nutrition Increase the Risk of Sports Injury?

Does Poor Nutrition Increase the Risk of Sports Injury?

Nutrition is the underlying foundation which supports your sports performance. If the foundation is poor, your performance suffers, and you end up being a victim of sports injury.

Here’s how poor nutrition increases the risk of sports injuries:

  1. Immunity: Intense physical activity exerts significant metabolic demands on thebody and depletes your energy. This lowers your immunity and makes you susceptible to disease.
  2. Muscle Mass and Strength: Your muscles undergo microscopic tears when you Your body repairs these tears while you are resting using nutrients (mainly protein) from the food you eat. Training without enough nutrition can cause loss of muscle mass and muscle injury.
  3. Decreased Endurance: If you do not include enough of quality carbs in your dietwhich are your main source of energy, you will become easily fatigued resulting in underperformance.
  4. Poor Decision-Making Capacity: Nutrient deficiency affects your decision-making,reduces your focus on sports and increases your risk of injury on the playing field.
  5. Impaired Bone Health: A diet that is deficient in calcium, phosphorous and othervital micronutrients can cause the body to leach out calcium from your bones making them brittle and more prone to stress fractures.

Here are some warning signs that you might not be fueling your body correctly:

  • Chronic fatigue
  • Unplanned weight loss
  • Bone and joint pain
  • Irritability or depression
  • Failure to improve sports performance

A well-balanced diet incorporates the right amount of proteins to rebuild your muscles, complex carbohydrates and fats to fuel your sports activity, as well as vitamins and minerals to boost your immunity and strengthen your bones.

Remember, you just can’t out-train poor nutrition. Healthy eating will ensure you have the strength and stamina to sustain intense or prolonged training sessions that will help you excel in sports.

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