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Benefits of Physical Therapy Exercises for Recovery

Benefits of Physical Therapy Exercises for Recovery

Imagine the scenario of two patients undergoing hip replacement surgery, one follows the doctor's advice regarding physical therapy and the other one doesn't. After a few weeks, the one having undergone physical therapy will have vastly superior hip range of motion, function, and less pain in the new hip compared to the one that has not heeded the doctor's advice.

One of the main reasons patients may choose not to follow the physical therapy rehabilitation program as recommended by their doctor when recovering from an injury, illness, or major surgery such as a joint replacement procedure is because they are not aware of the important role physical therapy plays in ensuring a successful recovery.

Some important benefits of physical therapy exercises include:

Maximizing mobility: Pain-free movement is critical to your independence, ability to earn a living, and quality of life. Physical therapy exercises are specially designed to help improve range of motion and relieve pain.

Minimizing the use of pain medications: Taking certain types of pain medications such as opioids entails risks that include addiction, depression, and overdose. Consistently performing physical therapy exercises may help eliminate or minimize need for pain medications.

Avoiding need for surgery: Physical therapy may be used as an effective alternative to surgery if the disease process or injury is diagnosed early and an appropriate physical therapy regimen is initiated. When done correctly, physical therapy exercises help prevent permanent damage or recurring pain.

Physical therapy may be used as an effective stand-alone treatment or in combination with other therapies. A physical therapist will also teach patients special exercises that should be done at home to help make recovery faster, safer, and better.

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