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The Benefits of Physical Therapy After Surgery (National Physical Therapy Month)

The Benefits of Physical Therapy After Surgery (National Physical Therapy Month)

National Physical Therapy Month is celebrated in October to spread awareness about the vital role that physical therapy plays in helping you move and feel better. Let’s look at the important benefits of physical therapy after surgery:

  • Maximizes Range of Motion: Passive and active range of motion exercises recommended by the physical therapist prevent formation of scar tissue and blood clots that could limit your mobility and cause serious complications immediately after surgery.
  • Reduces Pain and Swelling: Different modalities of physical therapy such as ice & heat application, ultrasound (high frequency soundwaves to stimulate deep tissues), and electrical stimulation may be used to improve blood flow as well as reduce swelling and pain in the surgical area.
  • Lowers Need for Pain Medication: Physical therapy is a much safer alternative to drugs in controlling pain. Long-term use of pain medication may result in problems such as withdrawal symptoms, depression, addiction, and overdose.
  • Strengthens the Muscles: A progressive resistance training program will help strengthen the muscles that surround and support a joint that has been repaired or replaced. This will reduce the stresses acting on a newly implanted prothesis.
  • Guides Return to Activities of Daily Living: Physical therapists can identify limitations of your body and will be able to recommend activity modifications that will help you perform routine activities safely minimizing risk of re-injury.

Regardless of the type of surgery, physical therapy is a necessary part of your post-surgical plan. The success of surgery and the speed of your recovery will depend to a large extent on your active participation in physical therapy.

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