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Carrell Clinic Pickleball Injury Provide Injury Prevention & Safety Tips

The experts at Carrell Clinic have noticed a rise in injuries related to the increasing popularity of pickleball in the local community. Committed to providing top-notch, patient-centered care for athletic injuries, the practice's doctors have shared valuable tips to enhance safety and prevent injuries among pickleball enthusiasts. Their goal is to assist players in maximizing their time on the court. Individuals seeking specialized care for pickleball injuries are encouraged to schedule an appointment by calling 214-220-2468. The practice has offices located at 9301 N. Central Expressway, Tower I, Suites 400 and 500, in Dallas and 3800 Gaylord ParkwayCa, Suite 710, in Frisco.

Carrell Clinic’s doctors are the designated regional experts for Pickleball Doctors, a national authority on pickleball injury prevention and treatment. The practice's team of pickleball injury specialists includes Dr. Andrew Clavenna, Dr. Eugene Curry, Dr. Holt Cutler, Dr. Jason Klein, Dr. Todd Moen, Dr. Mark Muller, Dr. Field Scovell, Dr. Carr Vineyard and Dr. Tyler Youngman.

"As dedicated sports medicine doctors, we wholeheartedly embrace the growing popularity of pickleball in our community," said Dr. Curry, a fellowship-trained foot and ankle surgeon. "Our expert team at Carrell Clinic is committed to preventing and caring for injuries for pickleball players of all skill levels, offering a full range of treatment options to keep our patients on the court."

The pickleball injury specialists at Carrell Clinic have compiled a list of common injuries affecting players, along with preventive measures:

  • Pickleball elbow (lateral epicondylitis): Prevent this overuse injury by warming up before playing and taking breaks for arm recovery.
  • Knee injuries (ligament or meniscus tears): Protect your knees by wearing supportive footwear and being mindful of your footing.
  • Wrist injuries (falls or improper technique): Use supportive braces and wraps to help prevent wrist injuries. You should also practice proper stroke techniques.
  • Hip fractures (falls on the court): Avoid fractures by wearing appropriate footwear and keeping the court hazard-free.
  • Achilles tendinitis: Prevent ankle injuries by warming up properly and gradually increasing training intensity.

Dr. Curry added, "Incorporating proper gear and techniques is crucial, but targeted strength training for joints and the back provides additional protection against injuries. While injuries can happen to anyone, seeking prompt treatment is essential for staying on the court."

For more information on preventing pickleball injuries and knowing when to seek treatment, visit or call Carrell Clinic at 214-220-2468.