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Spine Treatment Options

Treatment Options for Back & Neck Pain

Back and neck pain are common symptoms of injury, damage, deformity or unhealthy spinal conditions. Pain may range from a mild ache to a sharp shooting pain that can spread down your arms and legs. There are many conservative and surgical treatment options that can relieve pain by targeting the symptoms or the underlying problem.

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Cervical Disc Replacement

The cervical spine is located in the neck region and consists of seven bones arranged one on top of the other. Cushioning tissue called vertebral discs located between the vertebrae act as shock absorbers, allowing easy movement of the neck. Wear and tear and advancing age can damage these discs, leading to pain and disability.

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Lumbar Discectomy

Intervertebral discs are fibrocartilagenous cushions between adjacent vertebrae in the spine. The normal intervertebral disc is composed of a semi-liquid substance (nucleus pulposus) at the center surrounded by a fibrous ring (annulus fibrosis).

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