David H's Story

Most incredible experience a person could have. I wish I could give them more than a 5 star rating!
Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings Ratings - February, 2019

So Friday morning I checked into carrell clinic for surgery on my lower back. I had a disc that was bulging out and pinching the nerve going down my left leg. The surgery was performed by Dr Clavenna and was a success and the nerve pain is gone. What was so amazing was this hospital!! There was NOTHING they could have done to make the whole experience any better! Every person in the facility was very professional, organized and caring! Everyone knew exactly what was going on and it was very reassuring to know exactly what was going to happen. They had EVERY detail worked out! Bottom line is, in my opinion there is no better place to have surgery than this hospital.
Thank you Dr Clavenna for everything you do and for operating such a professional hospital!!