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Top Ways to Prevent Ankle Sprains
Top Ways to Prevent Ankle Sprains

Top Ways to Prevent Ankle SprainsThe bones of your ankle joint are connected to each other by strong ligaments which provide stability and help with movement. Inward twisting or outward rolling of your foot when walking or running will cause a tear in these ligaments and result in a classic ankle sprain. It is one of the most common injuries sustained by athletes or people with active lifestyles.

Mild ankle sprains may heal on their own, but severe sprains can damage the cartilage, cause ankle instability, and may even lead to the development ankle joint arthritis down the road if the condition is not treated appropriately.

Here are top ways to prevent ankle sprains:

  • Balance training : Balance and proprioception training helps increase awareness of where your body is in relation to other objects. This helps to avoid wrong foot placement when landing from a jump or making sudden changes in direction while running. Simple balance exercises include standing on one leg with eyes open/closed as well as using balance boards to improve stability.
  • Strength training : Strengthening the muscles that surround and support the ankle joint will give better foot control and take some of the stress off the ankle when performing weightbearing activities.
  • Supportive footwear : Use well-fitting footwear that supports the ankle and is appropriate for the surface you are walking or playing on.
  • Bracing : Ankle braces may provide protection against ankle sprain, especially for those who have previously injured their ankle.
  • Warm up your ankles : Before performing any strenuous activity, don’t forget to warm up the ankles by performing some simple range of motion exercises and light stretching.

If your ankle pain is not getting better after a couple of days of RICE therapy (which is an acronym for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation of the ankle), it is best to consult your doctor or an orthopedic specialist.

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