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Regenerative Medicine: Providing Options to Avoid Surgery
Regenerative Medicine: Providing Options to Avoid Surgery

The human body responds to injury or disease by attempting to heal itself. Regenerative Medicine enhances this natural healing process and when administered to the right candidate at the right time, it may help avoid surgery.

Regenerative medicine is particularly effective in treating ligament, tendon, or cartilage injuries. These tissues generally take a long time to heal because of their relatively poor blood supply.

While surgeries such as joint replacement or other invasive procedures may be the right choice in many bone and joint injuries, the problem of ensuring adequate healing after surgery remains as blood flow is relatively less in and around your joints. Age related degeneration and slowing down of your body’s healing capability can cause further complications after surgery.

Here’s where regenerative medicine can be a game changer. By causing regeneration or re-growth of damaged tissue, degenerative processes within the joint can be slowed down, halted, or possibly even reversed.

The various regenerative medicine treatments offered at The Carrell Clinic include:

  • Stem cell therapy: Stem cells are multipotent cells that can transform into other types of cells such as tendon cells, cartilage cells, or bone cells. They may be obtained from bone marrow via a simple aspiration procedure. The cells are then injected into the site injury to cause regrowth of tissue.
  • Platelet rich plasma therapy (PRP): Platelets present in your blood contain growth factors and other proteins that activate growth and healing of tissues. A small quantity of your blood is taken and processed in a lab to obtain PRP, which can be injected into the site of injury to stimulate the healing of tissue.

The many benefits of Regenerative Medicine include:

  • Non-invasive treatment
  • Can be performed as an outpatient procedure
  • Minimal risk of side effects as PRP and stem cells are obtained from your own body
  • Almost immediate return to routine activities of daily living after treatment
  • May delay or avoid need for surgery

Consult the orthopedic specialists at The Carrell Clinic to find out if you might be a candidate for Regenerative Medicine Treatments.

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