Avoid Foot Pain While Holiday Shopping This Season

Avoid Foot Pain While Holiday Shopping This Season
Avoid Foot Pain While Holiday Shopping This Season

The ‘shop till you drop’ fever that takes a hold of many happy shoppers during the holiday season can have disastrous consequences on intricate bones and supporting structures of your foot. After a long day of shopping for the best deals and special gifts, your foot arches can collapse and flatten out causing the muscles of your feet and legs to fatigue resulting in foot pain. Here are a few tips to help you avoid foot pain while holiday shopping this season:

  • Wear comfortable and supportive shoes: A good pair of shoes that properly support your arches and provide adequate cushioning against many hours of pavement pounding is an absolute necessity. If you don’t have them, make them the first thing on your shopping list.
  • Take frequent breaks: Don’t just alternate between walking and standing during your shopping marathon. Instead, grab a cup of coffee at a café, have lunch at a restaurant, or sit down at a bench every now and then to give your feet a much-needed break.
  • Choose custom-made orthotics over over-the-counter orthotics: If you already have a foot problem, using over-the-counter orthotics during holiday shopping may potentially make your condition worse. Custom-made orthotics will properly align your feet and reduce foot pain.
  • Wear the right socks: Cotton socks or tights made of breathable material will keep your feet warm and dry while preventing the development of bad odor.
  • Examine your feet carefully after a long shopping spree: After a full day of shopping, put your feet up to improve circulation of blood to your feet and check for blisters, wounds, and numb spots. You must ensure any irregularities are promptly evaluated and treated. This is particularly important if you are a diabetic and have decreased sensation in your feet.

Following these tips will help keep your feet happy throughout the holiday season and beyond.

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